Arion Sweden AB

Arion Sweden AB offers solutions within machine safety and contract manufacturing of pipes and sheet metal. The company is based in the Västergötland town of Hjo and has many years of experience in the field. In the field of machine safety, we offer everything from simple individual protection solutions to turnkey machine safety concepts. We guarantee that you will receive high quality products that meet your specific requirements, all of which, it goes without saying, conform to the latest regulations and standards. When we talk about machine safety, we mean both the safety of the operator and the reliability of the production flow. We guarantee that you will receive high quality products that meet your specific requirements. We place great stock in the flexible adaptation of machine protection, meaning you can rest assured that your equipment is as safe as possible and as productive as possible. Our machine safety solutions have been developed to afford the optimal level of safety in today’s tough and demanding industrial environment. In terms of contract manufacturing, we work with the majority of materials and have specialist expertise in pipe construction and the production of sheet metal components. We have a modern machine park that can handle die punching, pipe perforation, edge pressing, eccentric pressing, panel bending and robotic welding. We also offer a powder coating service in our paint shop and can assemble finished products if so required. Our flexibility and craftsmanship make us a highly competitive player in the field of contract manufacturing, and we are frequently involved in customers’ projects at the design phase where we work in tandem with customers to produce solutions and prototypes that lead to the manufacture of components in long series. Delivery reliability and the correct level of quality are watchwords for us in all our deliveries.

Binär Olofström AB

Binär Olofström AB automates pressing lines such as tandem lines, transfer lines and individual presses. The majority of the company’s customers come from the automotive industry. A typical assignment may involve the delivery of a plate separator and intermediate pressing equipment for a pressing line made up of 4-6 presses. This involves complete undertaking with electrical installation, mechanical installation, commissioning, training, etc. Binar Olofström also provides different types of product for retooling that facilitate efficient sheet metal pressing production. The cornerstone of the business is the special free-programmable UniFeeder press management robot developed by Binar. Its unique design guarantees simple, fast and easily serviced solutions. Flexibility and an excellent level of performance means that it can be used for the majority of press line management functions, including intermediate pressing equipment, plate separation and piling. UniFeeder solutions process and separate different types of material such as steel, stainless steel, aluminium, etc. UniFeeder is also suitable for use within areas other than pressing and can be used for the handling and transportation of different types of product over longer and shorter distances.

Binär Elektronik

Binär Elektronik is active within industrial automation and industrial IT. We develop and sell control systems and solutions for advanced industrial use, focusing on our customers’ need for streamlining and quality assurance. Industry knowledge and intelligence form integral parts of our products and software, affording effective and resource-efficient manufacture and material processing. The company’s products are used by customers throughout the world, principally within the manufacturing industry. In addition to expertise within qualified electronics and software development, we also have a wealth of experience within process management and automation. Our business spans analysis, development and prototype manufacture, to production, logistics and aftersales service. The company’s activities are split into three areas:- Electronics and software development with a focus on turnkey undertakings within rational product development. - Control System Industrial IT, process management and support systems for resource-efficient quality-assured production. - Motion Control Machine management at high speeds and with a high level of accuracy.

Debe Pumpar AB

Debe Pumpar specialises in product development, the production and the sale of products for water systems, energy drilling and sewer construction. All our resources are housed under one roof, and we are the market leader in Sweden for the development and manufacture of products within these areas. The company is certified in accordance with ISO 9001 and quality permeates everything we do. All pumps manufactured by Debe Pumpar are pre-operated and tested to ensure that the high levels of quality we demand are met. This attention to detail is one of the many reasons why we can offer the most generous warranties on the Nordic market today. The company has been active on the Swedish and Nordic markets for over 50 years, and we are now selling more pumps than ever before.

EHL Prolist AB

EHL Prolist AB burst onto the scene in Sala in late 2011/early 2012 to sell and distribute mouldings from Eesti Höövelliist Oü to the Swedish builders’ merchant industry. In autumn 2012, the company acquired premises and moulding stocks from DalaFloda Group AB/Forneby List, a company based in Möklinta just outside Sala that had gone into administration. We now pick orders in the modern, climate-controlled storage premises using a rail-bound picking wagon that enables us to reach the uppermost heights of our stock racking system in a smooth and seamless manner. EHL Prolist supplies high quality mouldings quickly and with unparalleled delivery precision. We are excellently placed to produce specific profiles, cut to exact dimensions and in a wide variety of colours. The company has a staff of 9, two of whom are travelling salespeople. The advantage of us being a relatively small team is the shared insight we have of the entire logistics process from order to final delivery, making us extremely flexible. The staff have a wealth of experience of the industry, and the personal service we provide enables us to respond quickly and have an intimate knowledge of our customers’ requirements. Eesti Höövelliist Oü is certified both in accordance with FSC and PEFC standards, and has been for some time. EHL Prolist AB has now also become certified in order to satisfy market requirements and to maintain the chain of certified products.

Esspump AB

We are a Swedish specialist application and systems distributor of process pumps to the Swedish process industry, Swedish machine builders and equipment manufacturers that deliver significant added value to high quality products. We offer security and operation without unplanned stoppages. This is achieved through our knowledge of our customers’ applications, systems and requirements, which are matched with our knowledge of pump technology and our products. Leading manufacturers such as Wilden, Blackmer, Mouvex, OBL, Rotos and Almatec have put their faith in us to represent and develop their brands in Sweden. Our pumps handle everything from acids, oils and suspensions, to apple sauce and vaccines.


Eesti Höövelliist OÜ, which was founded in 1993, is a manufacturer of pine, oak and MDF mouldings, painted, varnished or untreated. Our goal is to offer our customers a wide range with the best possible levels of quality and service. We supply products to many European countries, exporting more than 85% of what we produce, principally to the Nordic region and Central Europe. According to the Natural Colour System (NCS), the standard colour of our painted wood and MDF mouldings is white S0502-y. Depending on the order placed, we can also supply products in custom colours or in shades as specified by the RAL system. Our range encompasses multiple product groups with a broad programme of profiles for a variety of markets and building styles. We supply- Knot-free pine mouldings- White-painted pine mouldings- Primed pine mouldings- White-painted MDF mouldings- Oak mouldings, varnished or untreated. We also carry out project-based assignments. Eesti Höövelliist OÜ is FSC and PEFC certified. Our modern machine park includes brands such as Weinig, Raimann, HolzHer, Timme, TM System, Makor, Cefla, Venjakob and Kallfass.

Ircon Drying Systems AB

Need fast, precise and energy efficient heating and drying? If you do, IR heating or microwave heating may be the solution you are looking for. Both methods are contactless, and can be controlled exceptionally quickly and very precisely. Since the early 1990s, Ircon Drying Systems AB has helped customers throughout the world to solve advanced heating problems. We focus on two principal areas - the paper and paper processing industries. Ircon provides solutions for the contactless additional drying of paper and coated paper, as well as for the correction of paper moisture content. Our drying systems are based on IR technology, delivering up to 800 kW/m2 for extremely fast and compact drying. Drying power is controlled steplessly and with split-second timing in a large number of zones. - In the foodstuffs industry, IR heating can be used to shorten baking times, pasteurise bread crusts or to replace frying processes. One of our biggest customer uses our technology to produce a “healthier” doughnut. Microwave heating on an industrial scale is also used for pasteurisation, e.g. in the production of ready meals that can be stored in a refrigerated environment for an extended period of time. Microwaves can also be used to significantly shorten baking times, consuming much less energy than conventional technology. In addition to these principal areas, our bespoke solutions are also used for applications such as microwave drying of casting cores, the drying of minerals and the drying of paints and varnishes.

KSG i Surte

KSG i Surte is a component and systems vendor that has been in business for 30 years. Our products can usually be found in gas turbines, radar systems and combustion systems. We are well-known for our expertise in works involving sheet metal, pipes and demanding welding works using materials consisting of stainless, aluminium and other steel.

We are certified in accordance with ISO 9001:2008, welding standard ISO 3834 and Sellihca.

Modulpac AB

Modulpac was founded in 1983 and is based in the Småland town of Lagan. Initially, the company focused on producing injection moulded plastic covers for the chemicals and foodstuffs industry, and production was partially automated from the outset. More than 30 years have passed since then, and a lot has happened in that time. Modulpac’s goal is to offer customers the best alternative for their packaging requirements, with functional design, high quality and secure deliveries at the heart of everything the company does. It goes without saying that our extensive experience and knowledge of plastic packaging is one of our strongest selling points. Modulpac has two facilities in Lagan, each of which has the capacity to manufacture all the products in our range. In these factories, we handle products that are subject to manufacturing requirements (standard production, hygienic production and clean room production) in accordance with ISO class 8. From concept to finished product. Modulpac’s construction department designs and develops solutions that meet customers’ requirements and satisfy their needs. Product development is important for all companies looking to grow and achieve success within their specific industry. To this end, Modulpac has decided to invest in a dedicated construction/design department in which we produce new products, both our own products and bespoke products for customers. In the case of bespoke products, we offer to become involved in our customers’ projects at an early stage in order to ensure that the final product achieves the desired level of quality, design and mechanical characteristics. By being our customer, you can take advantage of our construction and design expertise if you need it. During the product development process, we can also provide you with design prototypes and then produce sample tools if necessary. Our aim is to work closely with our customers, all the way from the conceptualisation stage to production of the finished product. We can also help refine products using tampo printing in a unique press that we have pioneered in the Nordic region. We can apply IML labels to plastic components or stick self-adhesive labels straight on to the product itself. Components can also be injection moulded in 2K in order to add a design feature or function. Modulpac works strategically within four different segments - pharmaceuticals, foodstuffs, cosmetics and chemical technology. Our wide range of standard products affords us a number of advantages in what is a highly competitive packaging industry, enabling Modulpac to proudly occupy a leading position in the Nordic region. A little bit about our four segments: Pharmaceuticals - Modulpac is well-equipped to satisfy the stringent demands of the pharmaceuticals industry. Our modern ISO class 8 clean room makes us flexible and enables us to take on both national and international projects. Foodstuffs - The foodstuffs industry usually demands products that stick out. Many companies want their products housed in unique packaging in order to strengthen their brands. Volumes are usually high, which makes it possible to develop bespoke tools. We also have a number of standard enclosures that work excellently for foodstuff products and can be given special colours to match labels. Cosmetics - Our cosmetics range is expanding all the time. At present, we produce a number of containers in a variety of sizes, materials and colours, as well as several enclosures. Chemical technology - Modulpac currently has a very wide standard range of enclosures, which we are looking to expand year by year. Our standard range is ideally suited for products where function is important and there are no specific requirements in terms of enclosure design. The standard range runs from 22 mm to 43 mm enclosures, so we have a number of different variants that are also available in special colours. Want to know more about Modulpac? Read more about us and what we do on our website:

Perfecta Pump AB

The leading manufacturer of circulation pumps for industrial cleaning machines in Sweden. Perfecta develops, manufactures and sells circulation pumps for use in buildings and industrial applications in Europe. The company was established in 1956 and its products are renowned by the market for their high quality and excellent performance. The business is structured within three niche areas in order to develop, with speed and precision, the products of the future: - Industry: Pumps for cleaning machines (dishwashers & disinfection)- Vehicles: Pumps for plant machinery- HVAC: Pumps for heating and cooling circulation in buildings. What is notable about the company is its ability to create innovative customer solutions using both efficient off-the-shelf products and technically bespoke pumps. In addition, we can also offer a choice of material - plastic, cast iron and stainless steel.


One of the world’s leading companies for PKI solutions, PrimeKey Solutions AB has developed successful technologies such as EJBCA, SignServer and PrimeKey PKI Appliance. PrimeKey is a pioneer in open source security software that provides governments, businesses and organisations around the world with the ability to implement security solutions such as e-ID, e-Passports, authentication, digital signatures, unified digital identities and validation.
PrimeKey has its head office in Stockholm, Sweden, a subsidiary in Aachen, and partners in USA, Asia and Europe.

Prolist Nordic AB

In the heart of the county that is usually known as the “Garden of Sweden”, we find Prolist Nordic AB, a company that manufactures MDF products in the small community of Bräkne-Hoby. Prolist was founded on 26 May 2010. Today, the company is owned by Eesti Höövelliist Oü, a subsidiary of Pomonagruppen AB, with sales administration handled by EHL Prolist AB in Möklinta, Sala. A team of 15 people works at the production facility in Bräkne-Hoby, their ultimate goal being to serve customers with short lead times and considerable flexibility. The standard range of Window Enclosures, Door Frames and the majority of mouldings is held in stock. The facility has a production area of 2400 m2, with a storage area of 1200 m2. Big and small customers alike are welcome to use our services. At Prolist, we see solutions where others see difficulties. Nothing is impossible, be it in respect of a standard order or custom orders. Everything we produce is imbued with quality, thought and efficiency - all according to your requirements. Our products are manufactured to stringent quality, durability and environmental requirements. The MDF material we use allows us to reduce our environmental impact to a minimum whilst still delivering products of exceptional durability. Prolist Nordic AB is PEFC certified.

Stocksbro Energy Products AB

Stocksbro develops, manufactures and markets products within the field of renewable energy, with particular focus on solar and bio energy. These products are manufactured in Sweden and, for the most part, sold on the domestic market and in Norway. Stocksbro also has a burgeoning export market, selling to customers throughout Europe - Germany, France, Portugal, Ireland and Italy. Examples of products include the patented Bio-Sol Boiler, a unique all-in-one domestic boiler that combines solar heat & pellets, and the Dalatank, an energy accumulator that helps maximise energy efficiency in domestic settings. Stockbro also recently launched its own range of property tanks that contribute to more efficient energy use in multi-occupancy dwellings and other larger properties. What all these products have in common is that they are easy to use and provide comfortable, economically efficient heating with a smaller environmental footprint than their conventional equivalents. Stocksbro has been working with products that promote energy efficiency since 1993. The company’s vision is to be a provider of high quality, energy efficient equipment within the field of renewable energy.

Termoventiler AB

Termoventiler AB is a Swedish technology company that supplies market-leading
components for use in the building of reliable, energy efficient, environmentally friendly and durable heating installations.

The company is characterised by high product quality, a high level of service and
a technical support desk staffed by experts with advanced technical know-how.

Titech System AB

Titech System AB is a qualified systems vendor with a complete bouquet of resources within sheet metalworking, welding, processing, assembly and documentation. We offer contract manufacturing services and solutions within the field of materials management systems. We manufacture products and systems that are highly complex and subject to stringent quality requirements. Titech System AB is located in the Västergötland town of Tidaholm, with a wealth of experience that stretches back to 1945. In contract manufacturmanufacturing, we work with most materials and have extensive experience of stainless steel and aluminium. We have a wealth of expertise and a broad machine park within laser cutting, die cutting, edge pressing, bed milling, multi-operation milling, turning, sparking, grinding, blasting, advanced welding, tempering and painting. We are also able to offer complete mechanical and electrical installation, including inspection and documentation. Within materials management systems, we have a comprehensive offering including gravity roller conveyors, conveyor belts, chain transporters, pallet tracks and portal robots. We also offer automatic systems for raw materials storage, intermediate storage and finished stocks. We manufacture everything from individual transporters to complete turnkey systems, all in accordance with your needs and requirements. Assembly lines for a variety of purposes, such as doors, mountings and gearboxes, are one of our specialities. We have many years of experience of different types of industry and our typical customer groups include defence companies, rail operators, medical companies, energy companies, oil & gas companies, the manufacturing industry and machinery manufacturers. We are certified in respect of quality (ISO 9001), environment (ISO 14001) and welding (ISO 3834-2 and EN 15085-2). Our employees are highly skilled within their respective areas and can tackle all the challenges you need help with. We have an extensive, modern machine park and premises with good lifting equipment. If you decide to use our services, we will pull out all the stops to meet your expectations in terms of quality and delivery reliability.


Växjöfabriken is a supplier of processed cast components for heavy vehicles, the pump and valve industry, forest machinery and the traditional workshop industry. Most of our customers are larger Swedish companies that focus on export markets and impose stringent requirements in respect of quality assurance. Our core business is cutting processing (turning and milling), supplemented by hydrostatic testing, painting and assembly services. Processes are highly automated and we have a state-of-the-art, flexible machine park. One key factor in Växjöfabriken’s growth is the extensive network of suppliers the company has cultivated in the shape of foundries in both LCC and Western Europe, which in combination with our automated manufacturing systems, afford cost-efficient and reliable processes.

WEB Express

WEB Express was launched in 1998, meaning that we are now one of the most established web design agencies in the industry. During our first 15 years of existence, we developed and delivered more than 2000 websites, working with some of the biggest companies in Sweden across a broad spectrum of industries. We have extensive expertise and experience, which we rely on when developing our customers’ Internet strategies. Irrespective of the size of your company, you will always have access to our complete range of resources, making us unique in the marketplace.